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Carpet Cleaning - Our Speciality

Carpet Cleaning | Thunderbolt Carpet Cleaning - Atlanta, GA

Thunderbolt Carpet Cleaning offers a detailed, thorough carpet cleaning from start to finish. Give us some basic information of the services you need and we will quote you our affordable rates. Our carpet cleaners carefully inspect every inch of carpeting to find any spots or pet stains that would require extra attention.

We treat many carpet types:

Textured - This is the most common type of carpet for the whole house and we have excellent products to treat it.

Berber - This type of carpet often mixes darker and lighter colors. Over time, the lighter tones can get darkened by dirt and grease and hard to distinguish from the dark ones.

Frieze (Shag) - This carpet is very common and is made from woven wool cloth. We are very familiar with cleaning it.

Plush - This carpet is made of deep pile. It should be cleaned periodically because its depth and layers make it prone to bacteria and mites.

Area Rugs - These rugs need to be dusted and cleaned of dirt. Then we shampoo them carefully, to avoid potential damage to the frills or sides.

For any type of carpet or area rug that you have, you will be very satisfied with the results of Thunderbolt Carpet Cleaning. Your carpets or rugs will look brand new and immaculate!

Carpet cleaning is the main focus of our business and we take pride in obtaining excellent results in all of our carpet cleaning jobs. The interior of your home in Atlanta will be greatly enhanced when you use our carpet cleaning services. Call Thunderbolt Carpet Cleaning to make your appointment today!